Unraveling the Aftermath: A Guide to Post-Mortem Investigations

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this insightful book is an essential guide for forensic professionals, medical practitioners, and anyone intrigued by the science of examining the deceased.

‘Unraveling the Aftermath’ navigates through the intricacies of post-mortem procedures, from the initial examination to the determination of cause and manner of death. With a focus on clarity and precision, the book explores forensic pathology, toxicology, and other crucial aspects of post-mortem investigations.

Drawing on real-life cases and advancements in forensic science, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of the techniques and methodologies employed in unraveling the mysteries surrounding death. ‘Unraveling the Aftermath’ is an invaluable resource for those seeking insights into the delicate and crucial field of post-mortem examinations.”

Post Mortem Guide | پوسٹ مارٹم گائیڈ


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